Since I am also a happy mother of two children and I know that their birth is really a miracle and a great event.

I think that a birthday celebration should be exceptional. Just how exceptional your children are.

It does not matter if you organize B´day party at home only with your family. Or you will celebrate it in a restaurant or a family center with your friends.

It is all about the child and the enjoyment.

“day D”

A day full of surprises
A day full of love
A day full of attention
A day full of fun

If you would like to organize a birthday party for your children, I will be very glad to help you.

Birthday party à la cupcakes

I will prepare a big celebration for your kids where the main program can be a decoration of cupcakes.

Children decorate their mini cake, that they can eat or take home in a box they decorate themselves.

Children with gluten-free or other allergies can have a celebration with a special diet.

An example of cupcake decoration:















How to decorate the table and the room.

Birthday party in a small cozy room. Kids love to decorate even if the room is tiny.

Amusement program for kids – a little photo corner. There are wigs, hats, funny glasses, mustages, mask and much more. Just pick what you like and take a picture with your friend.