As a little girl I spent lots of time with my parents and my brother, we had a small cozy little farm. We had a lot of duty and I could not just “throw a bag in a corner and play with kids.” Children did not understand me and I was sorry. Nevertheless I love childhood memories, it was a great adventure.

At school, I enjoyed organizing different activities for my classmates and making gifts from different kind of materials for them.

As a child, I did not sit quietly for a while, and I am so now. When I look back, this time of my childhood brought me the most experience and joy.

Then the summer camps, au-pair programs in England and USA came. And of course my own family, the most delighted experience in my life!

Family life suits me, I like to look after our children, and children of our friends. I love kids in the family. With pleasure I create fun for them and enjoy the time with them.

I have the greatest pleasure when I can cook or bake for them, the fun and the creativity we are experiencing … these moments are priceless :).

I read the horoscope few days ago and there was written Bulls (that´s me) – “the kitchen is their life line”. Yes that´s about me :). I really do love being in the kitchen – cooking and baking.

So one day came the idea. Why not help other people? Why not bring together my passion, hobbies and joy? Kids and baking? Organizing and creativity? Gained knowledge and experience not only from abroad?

This is ZUFIDO.

ZUFIDO currently provides the following services:

Birthday celebrations (whole celebration preparation or entertainment program for children, decoration)
Organization of children’s events for companies – as required
Amusement program for children at family celebrations

I would like to thank my husband who supports me in my hobbies and dreams. Without his help, there would not be these pages, this idea or time …

Thank you with all my heart darling!